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DLA Human Resources Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)

DLA's Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)

Important Notice

Important Open Season Notice -- Please Read

EBIS is experiencing a glitch on some transactions. When processing an FEHB transaction, the telephone and email address are required for the election to be processed correctly. Not including this information results in an EBIS error. For more information contact your HR Benefits Representative.

Daydreaming about the future and want to see a retirement estimate? Did you recently get married and now need to change your health benefits enrollment from single to family? Or did you want to see how much life insurance you are carrying?

DLA is working hard to make information about your federal employee benefits programs more accessible. The Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) is an automated tool providing 24 hour access to information you need about programs such as health benefits, life insurance, retirement, and the Thrift Savings plan. Get detailed program information and even make changes to your enrollments during open seasons or because of other life events. Your personal information is protected and available only to you.

You may access the web based EBIS by clicking on one of the following links. If you are a first time EBIS user, please select new user.
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